Get the Pachyderm Starter Bucket for $35

If you’re just getting started and not sure what to bring, Teri has provided toolkits for sale at the studio. They include all the basics to get you started.

Purchase a 25-pound bag of clay for $12

Depending how long you are taking the classes, you may go through several of these, but just start with 1 if you are a new student.

To Build Your Own Tool Kit

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Other Supplies You May Need


THROWING TOOLS: (some of the following things can be purchased in a starter kit)

  • wood modeling tool
  • fettling knife
  • pin/needle tool
  • cutting wire
  • several small sponges (synthetic or elephant ear)
  • loop trimming tool
  • assorted ribs (metal, wood, silicone)
  • calipers


  • 2 bats for wheel-throwing
  • bath and hand towels
  • brushes, assorted sizes
  • ruler or straight edge
  • scissors
  • toolbox or bucket for holding all the tools
  • sketch book
  • pencil
  • permanent marker


  • additional personal bats
  • #8210 double banded dust mask
  • in a medium freezer zip baggie
  • clay modeling tools
  • paddle
  • wire cheese cutter
  • sticky shelf paper or resist of your choice
  • rubber bands
  • craft foam sheets
  • found textures and textured objects